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For Our Friends of Hairs

Doctor Michel Follet, I can attend to your needs through an interview in five languages: Spanish, English, French, Dutch and German.)

Social responsability

Doctor Michel Follet is the President of the "Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Alicante" (SPAPA). He is also secretary and founder of the International Association "Best Friends Equality".


Everything that can improve the quality of life of pets.

Complementary Service

We organize Adoptions, Sterilizations, etc.
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Pet Lover
I have been to this business many times with my dog and i have had no problems at all. The owner is very nice and took good care of my dog. The price is good and i am extremely happy with the services. I can recommend everyone to go here.
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Daniel Fraga Pena
Pet Lover
I saved the life of my cat and since then always go there, always treat them well and I am very pleased with the attention.
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Adrian Giraldo
Pet Lover
He is a great veterinarian, I took him to my little cat who was very sick and bad, and now he is super good, he runs and eats, and very happy, cheap prices.
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Maria Sanchez
Pet Lover
For me it is the best veterinarian in this area always has been available when I had any sick animal, its treatment is very close and heal a cat that had to was very ill and had to sacrifice, I have more animals and whenever I take them they recover from everything and have many, many years...
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Welcome to “The Veterinary of Altea” page.


My name is Michel Follet. I am a highly trained Belgian vet, living in Spain and with 30 years of experience. Before I studied veterinary medicine 8 years at the state university in Belgium and I achieved a DOCTORATE in veterinary medecine (Ph D). I am fluent in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German.

After many years in the pets health care, I developed my own profesional philosophy. With me you will be dealing with a human being always looking for the best solution as well for the animal as for its owner. I look for the best treatment for the best price, avoiding useless examinations and tests that can be harmful as well for your pet as for your wallet!

As a sensitive person myself, I do my best to understand your sensitivities and needs.

Please feel free to call me for any advice and budget estimate for the necessary treatment of your pet. I prefer to work by apointment at no extra cost, in order to be sure to have enough time for you and to avoid any waiting time.

I hope to see you soon. I offer you a free first visit in order to establish and discuss the best protection and prevention for your pet. This especially during your stay in Spain for which I want to guarantee the best as well for your pet as for you.

Kind regards,
Michel Follet


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